Services Provided

PLC Services & Support in MD, DE, PA, & NJ

We take pride in going above and beyond in making our customers satisfied with our PLC services and support in the MD, DE, PA, & NJ area. If you need it fixed, we’ll take care of it. Below is a list of all the services we offer.

Onsite PLC & HMI Programming support

We provide on site programming support for most major PLC & HMI brands…If by some slim chance you currently have a PLC we don’t currently support, we will investigate what is required and determine if we can support it at no cost to you.

Onsite Control System Support

We can provide onsite support to troubleshoot existing systems, or add new components and make wiring modifications as required for any system upgrades or modifications.

Control System Design

We can design your control systems from scratch and provide you with any degree of control required. We take great pride in our electrical drawings, which will provide you with the information to support your system for the life of the project.

Control Panel Fabrication

Let us know the panel requirements for your next project, and we can provide you with a well designed control panel with the necessary components inside to make your system perform like it should. Of course, it will have the proper documentation to support it right out of the gate.

Machinery & Process equipment documentation

Again with the documentation?! Yes! We know how important documenting your process can be. It’s the only insurance you have that what is working today can be recreated tomorrow in the event of component failure. The time for documentation is NOW before the component fails, or lightning strikes. Call for your FREE evaluation today!

VFD Configuration

VFDs are now the standard for speed control. Maybe your application is simple, maybe not. In either case, VFD configuration can be confusing and complex. Let us configure your VFDs for proper operation.

Need more information?

If you have any further questions regarding our MD, DE, PA, & NJ PLC services and support, please email us at or call (text) us at 410-457-4577!