PLC Program Backups

MD, DE, PA, & NJ PLC Backup Software Services

plc backupPLC backup is the first (and most important) step to being totally supported. All programmable devices (PLCs, HMIs, VFD, Temperature Controllers, etc.) contain custom programs and configurations that are customized for your application. Without having YOUR OWN COPY of these files, you are at the mercy of the company that originally provided you the equipment to have one. Because of this, we feel it’s highly important to offer PLC backup software services in MD, DE, PA, & NJ to our customers so that you can be fully supported.

1. How does Program Backups  Work?

We make a preliminary FREE site visit to your facility to see the equipment you wish to have supported by PLC Backup. We take pictures of the inside of your control cabinets and any programmable hardware…This process typically takes about an hour and requires no downtime. After that, we return to our shop and compile the information and provide you quote for the one-time cost of program back-ups. Then we schedule a time to come to your facility and make program back-ups and place tags (see picture) inside your control cabinets.

plc backup receipt

After all the program back-ups are organized we email a copy of your customer file containing all your programs. This is your insurance policy against a future hardware failure!!  We also keep a copy of your programs. Then in the future, whenever you have a problem with the device you can simply open the Control Cabinet contact us with the name of the program and we can dispatch someone immediately.

2. How much do Program Backups Cost?  –

Because the amount & type of equipment that customers have varies, each customer receives a custom quote for their application. Prices start at $600 and go up from there, but keep in mind the initial site visit is FREE with no obligation.

3. What if I want to use another Vendor for support?

Of course, we want you to choose us for your future support, but you are under no obligation to do so. The customer file we provide to you is yours to keep and use however you want.

4. What if I need more information?

Email us at or call (text) us at 410-457-4577 for additional information on our MD, DE, PA, & NJ PLC backup software services.