Plug and Play Support

Plug and Play Support

Plug & Play support allows you the ability to SUPPORT YOURSELF when a device fails, by having Preprogrammed, Pretested, replacement components available on your shelf for immediate replacement.



1. How does Plug & Play Support  Work?

We can provide you a quote for Direct Replacement, Preprogrammed Equipment. After accepting the quote, we order the hardware, have it shipped directly to us for preprogramming, and then schedule a date for you to have it installed and tested. Once we agree the replacement hardware works properly, the hardware is then removed, tagged, and placed on your shelf as a working spare. Whenever you have a hardware failure, you can have the confidence you need to know that you can be up and running again in just the amount of time it takes to change out the device. Defective devices can then be scheduled to be returned to us for repair or replacement and reprogrammed and returned to you. This can all be done during normal business hours, and at non-emergency rates since your equipment will continue to be running the entire time.

2. How much does Plug & Play Support Cost?

There is the initial cost of the replacement hardware and preprogramming required which will be provided in a free quote. In addition, Hardware devices that require batteries to retain their configurations or programs should be verified during a scheduled service call on a six-month or yearly basis minimum to ensure they are ready for immediate replacement. The cost of Scheduled Service is $160/hr, Portal to Portal, with a (4)hr minimum ($640). Service Agreements are a great way to get discounts on our standard rates…Click here for more information on Service Agreements.

3. What if there aren’t any replacement components available?

We can discuss with you the options for upgrading to a newer model. Once we decide on a strategy, we can provide you a quote for upgrading…(BTW, thank goodness we found that out now before it failed!)

4. What if I need more information?

Email us at or call (text) us at 410-457-4577 for additional information.