Emergency Service

Emergency PLC Repair Services in MD, DE, PA, & NJ

Emergency ServiceThis is the traditional support that most people are familiar with. YOU Call. WE come. When your equipment breaks down, you pick up the phone and call us. We dispatch a technician the same or next day to your MD, DE, PA, or NJ site with our emergency PLC repair service. Our PLC technicians have vast experience in tackling various PLC emergencies, making our company one that you can trust.

1. How does Emergency Service Work?

When you have an equipment breakdown you call us at 410-457-4577. We discuss your particular situation and dispatch someone to your site ASAP, usually the same day or next day.

2. How is Emergency Service defined?

Emergency Service is defined as service performed with less than (2) business days notice, or outside of normal business hours (8 am – 4 pm). Emergency Service takes priority of Scheduled Service due to its urgency and may cause Scheduled Service to be rescheduled.

3. How much does Emergency Service Cost?

The cost for those customers without Service Agreements are $225/hr, Portal to Portal, with a (4)hr minimum ($900). There are no additional fees for mileage, tolls, etc. In the unlikely event, your situation requires us to stay overnight, there would be an additional charge for lodging. Service Agreements are a great way to get discounts on our standard rates…Click here for more information on Service Agreements.

4. What happens if we fix it before you get here?

If you repair your own problem and call us before someone has been dispatched, there will be no charge. If someone has already been dispatched when you cancel, you will be charged for two hours ($450) or actual travel time incurred whichever is greater.

5. What if I need more information?

Email us at Info@PLCparamedics.com or call (text) us at 410-457-4577 for additional information about our emergency PLC repair services that reach MD, DE, PA, & NJ.