PLC Service Agreements

PLC Service Agreements

SERVICE AGREEMENTNow that you have a complete set of tools to keep you up & running, what is the best way to keep them all organized? A Service Agreement of Course!..Service Agreements provide you with Priority Service at Discounted Rates!

1. How do Service Agreements work?

Service Agreements allow you to receive priority service at a discounted rate by pre-purchasing a block of time.

2. How long do Service Agreements last?

Our Service Agreement lasts (2) years from the date of purchase.

3. How much do  Service Agreements cost?

Our Service Agreement Package breaks down like this:

You get 400 service hours for the total cost of $40,000, which breaks down to $100 an hour. (Regular rates are $150 hour!)

4. Do I have to pay for it all at once?

No, another great advantage of Service Agreements is it allows you to budget your repair expense instead of being hit with unexpected repair bills. Payment Plans are available on a Quarterly or Yearly basis…If you choose to pay it all at once you will get an additional 10% off the cost of the agreement. Even further increasing your savings!

5. What if I run out of hours before (2) years?

No problem, we will simply start a new Service Agreement. However, the previous Service Agreement must be paid in full before beginning a new one.

6. What if I have hours remaining after (2) Years?

Unused hours will be lost. There is no refund or rollover for unused hours.

7. What is covered and What is not?

Service Agreements are primarily designed to cover labor expenses associated with scheduled, emergency, & remote support. Replacement parts and labor costs associated with projects are not covered.

8. What if I need more information?

Email us at or call (text) us at 410-457-4577 for additional information.