How Can PLC Paramedics Protect and Revive Your Facility?

Keeping a manufacturing or processing facility in perfect running order can be a challenging task.

Automated packaging, labeling, fabricating, and hydraulic systems rely on custom-programmed PLCs to function correctly, allowing levels of productivity that could never be reached otherwise. When these important devices malfunction, however, productivity grinds to a halt until the problem is solved.

PLC manufacturers and integrators do their best to avoid these mishaps, but they cannot prevent every single one. When PLC faults arise and production stops, getting quick, reliable PLC service is of immediate importance.

Quick-Response PLC Services Reduce Downtime

One of the most important services PLC Paramedics offer is downtime-reducing PLC repair and support. Emaint Enterprises reports that downtime in the auto industry costs as much as $22,000 per minute. While the specific sum may change for different industry sectors, the extraordinary cost of downtime remains constant for any industrial facility.

Things that can provoke downtime in industrial PLCs include:

  • Blackouts and power outages,
  • Lightning strikes,
  • Power surges,
  • Physical damage,
  • Botched programming updates and human error.

For this reason, it is vital that you have a strategy for minimizing downtime in the event of a PLC disaster. Unlike mechanical failures that can be mitigated or worked around, a faulty log controller is completely unpredictable and unusable until it is fixed.

This is why we offer quick-response PLC repair and support services to industrial concerns in and around Maryland. Our two-hour maximum response time ensures that you’ll be able to get your facility’s PLCs up and running in the fastest time possible.

This is a powerful advantage when compared to most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Many OEMs will program a PLC solution for a client, integrate it on-site, train the company’s technicians and then simply disappear, never to be heard from again. Getting support from these manufacturers five, ten, or even twenty years after the fact is difficult, if not impossible.

We fill the space left by OEMs’ lackluster customer support. In most cases, we’re able to offer instant dispatch during business hours. This makes our service the fastest way to repair faulty PLC systems when they break down. However, we offer even greater value to industrial concerns who wish to prevent downtime proactively.

Proactive Clients Can Prevent Downtime with PLC Paramedics

While our emergency response and support capabilities ensure that industrial facilities can reduce downtime when PLCs malfunction, preventing downtime altogether is a much more valuable service.

Fortunately, proactive customers who contact us for a free site evaluation can implement powerful safeguards against logic board disasters. Imagine what would happen if a power outage were to occur, and the built-in battery-based PLC failsafes designed to save each device’s programming didn’t engage – perhaps because the batteries are too old and no longer hold a charge.

First, every affected PLC would instantly be rendered completely useless. Furthermore, each individual one would have to be painstakingly reprogrammed from the ground up – which could take weeks even in the best of circumstances.

This kind of disaster could lead to millions of dollars in losses for a medium-sized production facility, potentially threatening the continued operation of the business itself.

This situation is similar to the data disasters that IT companies take extraordinary care to proactively prevent. In both cases, impossible-to-reproduce information needs to be carefully backed up and stored safely off-site.

However, saving a backup of a PLC programming matrix is slightly more involved than saving company spreadsheets to a hard drive or cloud storage service. You need a highly experienced team of technicians to ensure that the back up process is a success, providing you with the security of a business continuity guarantee.

With an OEM-independent backup made and ready for immediate implementation, your entire set of business processes are always ready to upload. If your PLC devices stop working for any reason, you’re able to resume business as usual in mere hours instead of weeks.

We Even Offer Instant Remote Hardware Support

For the ultimate disaster-proof PLC protection solution, we offer instant remote hardware support. This service connects your PLC devices to our network, allowing our technicians to assess and resolve problems through a secure network connection.

With this solution, our PLC support solutions that would take hours to implement now take mere minutes. Comprehensive PLC repairs are only a phone call away.

Integrating our remote hardware solution is a simple three-step process. By observing the following steps, your mechanical business processes will remain completely protected against all but the most extraordinary disasters.

1. Order a Free Site Evaluation

The first step is evaluation – we bring some of our most experienced inspectors to your place of business and carefully look over the programming of each and every logic controller you run. This comprehensive evaluation doesn’t take long, since several decades repairing PLCs in a wide range of industries lets us draw accurate conclusions quickly.

At the end of the free evaluation, our engineers will have the information they need to make key recommendations on improving the efficiency of your logic controller processes and safeguarding their program data from unexpected loss. Every project we take on begins with a site evaluation, allowing us to produce completely customized solutions for our clients.

2. Have Us Install Remote Receiver Units

In order for our team to remotely repair and update your PLC equipment, we need to install remote receiving units on your hardware. This process is simple, as we use remote equipment designed for industry-wide compatibility.

In almost all cases, we are able to install remote units on any OEM’s device, creating a uniform data structure for all of them in the process. This is a huge boost in productivity for businesses that combine equipment from multiple manufacturers – now, our team takes care of the various differing protocols and software/hardware compatibilities that exist between different OEMs.

Depending on the size of your processing center, this step can take anywhere from a few short hours to a business day or two.

3. Gain Access to Our PLC Network Services

With the installation complete, we’re ready for our remote network engineers to securely manage and safeguard your PLC data. The first thing we do is save a complete backup of each logic program on the network so that if an unexpected disaster wipes out any of your data, you’ll be able to get it back near-instantaneously.

From that point on, world-class PLC repair and support is at your fingertips. Simply contact our support team and let them know what changes you need implemented, and one of our support technicians will immediately send the necessary updates through the PLC network. With this solution, the only time you need to wait on a dispatch is in the case of hardware failure – a rarity in tightly controlled industrial PLC environments.

Get a Free Site Evaluation Today

PLC technology is not cheap, and your company made a huge investment in it. Protect that investment by having our expert technicians perform a site evaluation today. The completely free evaluation – there are no hidden charges or up-front costs involved – will give you a starting point for discovering how valuable our PLC-saving services can be.

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