PLC Products

PLC Program Back Ups

Program back-ups are the first (and most important) step to being totally supported. All programmable devices (PLCs, HMIs, VFD, Temperature Controllers, etc.) contain custom programs and configurations that are customized for your application. Without having YOUR OWN COPY of these files, you are at the mercy of the company that originally provided you the equipment to have one.

PLC Emergency Service

This is the traditional support that most people are familiar with. YOU Call. WE come. When your equipment breaks down, you pick up the phone and call us. We dispatch a technician to your site same day or next day.

PLC Scheduled Service

This is the service to use for non-urgent situations like adding a feature, or a new alarm, to your existing design. Or tweaking your program to improve performance.

PLC Remote Cloud Support

Remote Support allows us the ability to connect to your equipment without leaving our office. This eliminates the need for travel time, which often results in near INSTANT response.

PLC Plug and Play Support

Plug & Play support allows you the ability to SUPPORT YOURSELF when a device fails, by having Preprogrammed, Pretested, replacement components available on your shelf for immediate replacement.

PLC Service Agreements

Now that you have a complete set of tools to keep you up & running, what is the best way to keep them all organized? A Service Agreement of Course!..Service Agreements provide you with Priority Service at Discounted Rates!