The Importance of PLC Program Backups

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Over the last (18) years of providing field support for PLCs, HMIs and other industrial equipment, one of the major challenges at the PLC emergency repair level is working with clients to help them understand the importance of PLC program backups.

While you’re focused on production and generating the results expected by your management, we’re closely watching for unplanned downtime.  As a PLC repair firm, we know that PLC program backups are critical to running facilities and plants, and are viewed by most companies as corporate assets.

I have come across numerous cases of customers who have had machines that were running fine for years, that one day just quit working. That’s when they call me and get the bad news that their programmable device just lost its program…At that point there is not much any PLC repair company can do…

Sure, we can replace the hardware, but inside that hardware is a customized program that is designed specifically for that machine. Without your own back-up of that program you are at the mercy of the company you originally bought the machine from to provide you with copy of the program (if they have one)

Top Benefits of PLC Program Back Ups

  • Peace of mind – Backing up your PLC Program is like buying an auto insurance policy.
  • Avoid extended down time – Waiting for the original company to provide a program copy (if they have one)
  • Decrease employee overtime and safety issues – PLC data that is damaged and improperly functioning, results in potential equipment damage and safety issues for employees.
  • Save money – The cost to recreate your PLC program can cost thousands
  • Be immune to natural disasters and human error – Power surges, natural disasters, system glitches , human error and incidental damage can cause your PLC to go offline, creating a dip in your productivity.

There is a real quick and easy way to prevent this type of thing from happening, and that’s by calling PLC Paramedics ahead of time and scheduling a FREE site visit to review your operation and make an evaluation of your current status. This evaluation requires no downtime and typically takes less than an hour to complete… In a lot of cases we can tell you instantly what devices are programmable, and if they are still readily available.

So don’t wait until your equipment fails and you have unplanned downtime…Contact us today and schedule your FREE site evaluation!

Call us (410) 457-4577 to schedule your free site evaluation and avoid unplanned downtime.

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