Why Manufacturing Owners and Plant Maintenance Managers Should Consider Backing Up Your PLC Program

I recently found a global maintenance survey that’s been in existence since 2000. The results from this survey are pretty interesting. Participants reported 3-6 PLCs in their facility that they are aware of. The survey however did mention, granted most participants were managers and don’t open electrical panels much, but many participants were from fortune 500 companies having hundreds of employees. That the odds were most of them have 12-30 PLCs in their facilities.

As a manufacturing owner or plant maintenance manager, asking “why should I backup my PLC program?” is a lot like asking “do I really need car insurance?”

My experience providing field support for PLCs, HMIs and other industrial equipment,  tells me just like car insurance is always required if you own and operate a car, PLC program backups should be required if you own and operate a PLC.

It is common for manufacturing owners and plant managers to ask, but what if? An endless amount of circumstances can be played out. Here are the top reasons you should backup your PLC program:

  • You may need to restore the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer ) PLC Program. In this business we often say it’s not a matter of if, but when your PLC program is damaged or improperly functioning, backing up your PLC program is like buying an auto insurance policy. Remember without your own back-up of that program you are at the mercy of the original equipment manufacturer you purchase the machine from to provide you with copy of the program (if they have one)
  • Even PLC programs need coverage from natural disasters. Coverage for PLC programs in case of natural disasters is important. Power surges, lighting strikes, storms, and powerful winds, can all cause your PLC to go offline, creating a dip in your productivity.
  • Avoid the high-cost of purchasing a new PLC.  Sometimes you just have to spend the money to upgrade for specific reasons, but don’t let it be because you don’t have a backup of your PLC program.

There is a real quick and easy way to prevent this type of thing from happening, and that’s by calling PLC Paramedics ahead of time and scheduling a FREE site visit to review your operation and make an evaluation of your current status. This evaluation requires no downtime and typically takes less than an hour to complete… In a lot of cases we can tell you instantly what devices are programmable, and if they are still readily available.

So don’t wait until your equipment fails and you have unplanned downtime…Contact us today and schedule your FREE site evaluation!


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