5 Reasons to Consider a PLC Service Agreement For Your Plant or Facility

Commercial HVAC contractors have used the term “maintenance or service agreement” for many years to give building owners peace of mind knowing that their buildings HVAC system will be completely cared for. Today, PLC service agreements are also becoming a required service to give plant maintenance managers and manufacturing owners peace mind knowing that their plc failures are completely cared for.

So, what’s causing this shift to PLC service agreements?

I recently read on www.plctechnician.com, “Machines are taking over the workplace. Namely, automation is coming to businesses of all kinds, large and small. By 2025, approximately 1.2 million machines will be used to carry out a variety of tasks in the United States.”

This means plc repairs and emergency plc repairs are the last things you want to just hand over to any company. You must develop a long-term relationship with your plc repair provider if you want to avoid the high cost of unexpected plc repair bills.

In my experience, maintenance managers and plant managers shy away from service agreements, not because of the cost, because they don’t know how long the sign-up process is and all the benefits associated. Think about it, if you knew who to get out to your site to repair your plc, the level of priority you are to them, and how they operate, you would get out your check book and spend away, right?

5 reasons you must consider plc service agreements:


Receive up to a 33% discount off regular rates – The need for tight controls, minimum downtime and cutting costs make PLC repair a necessity for all sorts of industries from packaging, food processing, pharmaceutical, automotive and so on. Why not save on your repair cost too?


Plc service agreements help determine how to get you back up and running quicker. This may involve equipment tagging and other documentation.  And, includes that you receive priority response over non-members. Membership does have it privileges.


Sometimes in the “purchase order” world of PLC repairs, it’s difficult to get things approved quickly. You may be able to call a PLC repair service, get them in route to you and have them on-site but the purchase order hasn’t been approved which robs you from faster PLC repair service.


Too many Manufacturing Owners and Plant Maintenance Managers, focus on being reactive when the priority should be proactive. When you know PLC repairs are covered, who to call, what the PLC servicing company does and the priority level you are to them, you can have peace of mind.


One of the secrets to repairs is to budget for them – service agreements help you with budgeting. Decide on a payment plan that works with your budget instead of having to deal with unplanned expenses every time there is a machine breakdown.

So don’t wait until your equipment fails and you have unplanned downtime…Contact us today and schedule your FREE site evaluation!


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